MPS-H50 Hone Head


• MPS Modular Tool System for HTA / HTB horizontal hone.


•  Diameter Range: 50mm-76mm (1.98” – 3.0 ”)


• Sunnen Replacements, Interchangeable with Sunnen tools.

Product Description

MPS-H50 Hone Head for honing Diameter Range: 50mm-76mm (1.98'' - 3.0 '')

BOSON's MPS-H50 hone head is fully interchangeable with Sunnen tools and can completely replace Sunnen brand. Double length hone heads available as per request.


MPS-H50 Hone Head Assembly

Master Stoneholder Set (2 per set)

Diameter Range: 50-61 mm (2.0" 2.375")


Master Stoneholder Sets (2 per set)
Diameter Range: 61-76 mm (2.375"-3.0")



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