H70 Honing Stone Set


• Vitrified bond Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide Abrasives


• Grit Size: 70#,80#,150#,220#,280#,400#,500#,600#


• High Cutting Efficiency, Competitive Price.

Product Description

H70 Honing Stone and Guide Set for use with MPS-H70, MPS-H85, MPS-H165 and MPS-H200 Hone Heads.


East set consist of two stone assemblies and two guide shoes.

H70 Alunimum Oxide Stone Set, Vitrified Bond, H70A45 / H70A45N 


H70 Silicon Carbide Stone Set, Vitrified Bond, H70J45, H70J87

Other abrasive type, grit sizes and hardness available upon request.

Our technicians can provide you with the most suitable specifications according to your workpiece material and technical requirements.



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