• CBN and Diamond Honing Stones

    CBN and Diamond Honing Stones

    Diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) honing stones are widely used in modern production processes. Numerous factors determine the honing result. The ideal composition of honing stone and all other influencing factors to the honing process need to be coordinated in order to achieve optimal end results. High production quality, short cycle times and longevity of the tools are achieved this way.

  • Sunnen Replacement Honing Mandrels

    Sunnen Replacement Honing Mandrels

    With over 20 years of honing experience in both of applications and manufacturing. Boson Abrasives offers a wide range of diamond and CBN honing abrasives, honing mandrels, adapters, wedges, guide shoes for used on Sunnen, Delapena and other honing machines.

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