H50 Superabrasive Honing Stone



• Metal Bond Superabrasives Diamond and CBN


• Grit Size: 70#,100#,150#,220#,280#,320#,400#,500#,600#


• High Quality of abrasives from Diamond Innovation.


• High Cutting Efficiency with Longer Stone Life.


Product Description

H50 Metal Bond Superabrasive Stone Sets

H50 metal bond diamond and CBN honing stone sets are available for used on MPS-H50 hone head.

Each set consist of two stone assemblies.


Grit Size:

CBN stone set: NM15, NM17, NM35, NM37, NM55, NM57, NM85, NM05.

Diamond stone set: DM15, DM17, DM35, DM37, DM55, DM57, DM85, DM05, DM07




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