Standard Honing Mandrels

• Sunnen Type Standard Honing Mandrels

• Diameter Range: 2.50mm to 32mm.

• High quality honing mandrels for open, blind, keyway, tandem bores.

• Best technical and customer support.


Product Description

Standard Honing Mandrels 

Our honing mandrels are compatible with Sunnen, and same standard and sizes.


Honing Mandrels incl.
S series = Steel Mandrel with soft guide shoes, for honing most materials.
H series = Steel Mandrel with hardened guide shoes for production honing or hard, rough parts, carbide, ceramic, glass.
B series = Bronze Mandrel for very fine finishes and honing exotic metals.

Meanwhile, we produce special honing tools incl. Diamond Plated Super Mandrels, Carbide Insert Shoes Mandrels, Diamond Inserted Mandrels and Extended Shank Honing Mandrels. See special tools.


BOSON Abrasives will choose the suitable honing mandrels and abrasives according to your specific application.( Honing machine types, workpiece drawing, material, hardness, stock removal, surface finish quality.)




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