• Sunnen Replacement Honing Mandrels

    Sunnen Replacement Honing Mandrels

    With over 20 years of honing experience in both of applications and manufacturing. Boson Abrasives offers a wide range of diamond and CBN honing abrasives, honing mandrels, adapters, wedges, guide shoes for used on Sunnen, Delapena and other honing machines.

  • GHSS-1950 Honing Head

    GHSS-1950 Honing Head

    • GHSS-1950 Diamond Hone Head • Diameter range:50.04mm ~ 63.75mm (1.97~2.58 inch) • Superabrasive CBN and Diamond Honing Stones • Fit on Sunnen SV10, SV20, CK21, CV616 and Rottler Cylinder Honing Machines.

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