Multi-Stone Honing Head

• Diameter Range: 22 – 120 mm

• Metal Bond Diamond and CBN Honing Stones

• 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Honing stones per set.

Product Description

BOSON Abrasives' multi-stone honing tools are engineered with high precision and durability, specifically tailored for honing bores within a diameter range of 20mm to 120mm. These tools feature multiple honing stones arranged around the circumference, which are pressed against the bore by an internal cone to achieve precise material removal.


Compared to single-stone honing tools, our multi-stone honing heads offer significantly greater efficiency in both stock removal and the attainment of desired surface quality.


These versatile tools are available in two configurations: single-stage honing tools and double expansion tools, the latter being ideal for plateau honing applications.


Our team of application engineers carefully assesses each project's requirements, including part geometry and bore specifications, to determine the optimal tool configuration for the task at hand.



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