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Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel Diamond Tool

Vitrified Bond Diamond or CBN  Grinding Wheels • Shape: 1A1,3A1

Product Description

Vitrified bond Diamond or CBN grinding wheels are used for grinding the cam lobes and journals of automobile camshaft. Optimum bond specifications have been set for each type of cam material, and since the Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used for high-speed grinding, bond quality, adhesives, and the materials used for the core are carefully designed for safety.

Camshaft lobe precision grinding, 
Crankpin, main journal, flange neck, thrust face and end face grinding.

Excellent grinding ability; 
Reduced burns and crack;
High precision and good surface quality
Increased dressing intervals.

Ground Materials:
Cast Iron: chilled cast iron, nodular cast iron, grey cast iron, alloy cast iron etc.
Steel: 20Cr, GCr15, CF53, 45# steel, 55# steel, 80B high carbon steel etc.
Grinding Speed: maximum speed can reach to 160m/s.

Used on Grinding Machines: NAXOS, TOYODA, JUNKER, SCHAUDT, LANDIS and other grinders.


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