Sunnen Replacement Honing Stones

• Borazon CBN and Diamond Honing Stones


• Standard Grit Size DM & NM from 70# to 1200#


• Bond Type: Metal Bond

Product Description

BOSON ABRASIVES specialized in manufacturing superabrasives diamond honing stones and CBN honing stones (Borazon stones) for Sunnen and other honing machines. We can provide a wide range of Sunnen standard K, L, P series honing stones at a competitive price and short delivery time.

Our ability to supply Sunnen honing stones in a variety of grit sizes and bond configurations enables us to hone a variety of materials including hardened tool steels, steels of varying alloys, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramics.


Diamond (DM) - Metal bonded excellent for accelerated stock removal and long abrasive life in cast iron, carbide, titanium, silicon carbide, ceramics, glass, graphite and other exotic materials.

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN, NM) - Metal bonded excellent for accelerated stock removal and long abrasive life in ferrous materials, including Alloy steel, hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, mild steel and other steel materials

• Stable cutting ability without clogging, loading and glazing

• Long honing stone life time with short cycle time

• Consistent surface finish without scratch

• Only use CBN and diamond abrasives from Diamond Innovation

• Advanced bonding technoloy with various honing stone's formula suit for different application. 

• Automotives: engine blocks, connecting rod, pinion gears, brake drums,valve rocker arms, steering knuckles, master and wheel cylinders
• Aerospace: Hydraulic valves and blocks, Piston pumps, Fuse pinsanding gears
• Airconditioning and refrigeration
• Diesel engines
• Engine building
• Hydraulics
• Energy
• Firearms and defense

• Job shops and contract machining
• Motorcyces
• Sewing machine's components.

• Tools and Die

For Honing Machines:
Sunnen, Delapena, Nagel, Gehring, Kadia, Engis, Pemamo, Degen, Nissin, Fuji, Toyo, Micromatic, General Hone, Mas, Honitech etc.




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