Sunnen Replacement Honing Stones

Sunnen Standard Superabrasives Honing Stones incl. D6, D8, K, L Seires.

Standard Grit Size DM/NM from 70# to 1200#

Bond Types: Metal Bonded

Product Description

BOSON ABRASIVES specialized in manufacturing Superabrasives diamond honing stones, CBN honing stones, Honing tools for Sunnen and other honing machines. We can provide a wide range of Sunnen standard K, L, P series honing stones at a competitive price and short delivery time.

Our ability to supply Sunnen honing stones in a variety of grit sizes and bond configurations enables us to hone a variety of materials including hardened tool steels, steels of varying alloys, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramics.


Diamond (DM) - Metal bonded excellent for accelerated stock removal and long abrasive life in cast iron, carbide, titanium, silicon carbide, ceramics, glass, graphite and other exotic materials.

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN, NM) - Metal bonded excellent for accelerated stock removal and long abrasive life in ferrous materials, including Alloy steel, hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, mild steel and other steel materials

Stable cutting ability without clogging, loading and glazing

• Long honing stone life time with short cycle time
• Consistent surface finish without scratch
• Only use CBN and diamond abrasives from Diamond Innovation
• Advanced bonding technoloy with various honing stone's formula suit for different application. 

Automotives: engine blocks, connecting rod, pinion gears, brake drums,valve rocker arms, steering knuckles, master and wheel cylinders
Aerospace: Hydraulic valves and blocks, Piston pumps, Fuse pinsanding gears
Airconditioning and refrigeration
Diesel engines
Engine building
• Energy
• Firearms and defense

Job shops and contract machining
• Motorcyces
• Sewing machine's components.

• Tools and Die

For Honing Machines:
Sunnen, Delapena, Nagel, Gehring, Kadia, Engis, Pemamo, Degen, Nissin, Fuji, Toyo, Micromatic, General Hone, Mas, Honitech etc.



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