Single Pass Honing Tools

•High Precision Single Pass Honing Tools
•Diameter Range: 4mm to 70mm
•Honing Sleeve Types: Sintered Diamond, Electroplated Diamond
•Used on Vertical Honing Machines for Progressive Honing

Product Description

BOSON Abrasvies supplies diamond plated single pass honing tools and abrasive sleeves designed for your specific application. Single pass honing tools incorporate an expandable, diamond sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing. Electroplated diamond tool shows high accuracy and extra long tool life. Diamond abrasives allow for consistency of size, surface finish and bore geometry.

Superior diamond plating process ensures long tool life, low cost per part.
Improved abrasive sleeve design for chip quick removal.
Greater accuracy and increased production efficiencies.
Custom design to meet your specific requirement.
Capable of adapting to most honing machines.

Diameter range: 4.00 to 70.00 mm.

Application areas:
Hydraulic valves and valve bodies, distribution valves, Gears, ABS, brake cylinder, supercharger, rocker arms, connecting rod, parking pawls, crankcase, sprockets, powdered metal components, ceramic components.


Our technical specialist will work with you to determine the best solutions for your needs. When order, please provide the following information, or fill out inquiry sheet.

Honing machine name & type 

Workpiece name & drawing

Workpiece material and hardness

Total stock removal amount

Required surface finish 


Coolant types

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