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Vitrified Bond CBN Internal Grinding Wheels

• Shape: 1A8, 1A1W

Product Description

Vitrified CBN Internal Grinding Wheels, ID Grinding Wheels

Boson Abrasives provides high quality of Vitrified Bonded CBN Grinding Wheels for Internal Grinding. Features longer dressing intervals, consistant quality with low cost per parts. We guarantee the quality of our CBN internal grinding wheels and accept trial orders for test in advance.

Typical Applications - Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheels.

CBN Internal Grinding for Automotive Parts.
Fuel injection bore grinding wheel
Fuel injection seat grinding wheel
Connectong rod bore grinding
Gearwheels, transimission gear grinding

CBN Internal Grinding for Compressor
Grinding of Air-conditioner Compressor Piston Hole
Upper & Lower bearing internal grinding
Compressor cylinder bore grinding

CBN Internal Grinding for Bearing
Grinding track and the internal diameter of ball bearings.
CV joint window cage grinding, inner and outer raceways grinding.
Ball bearings inner rings grinding


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