GHSS-1950 Honing Head

• Diameter range:50.04mm ~ 63.75mm (1.97~2.58 inch)

• Superabrasive CBN and Diamond Honing Stones

• Fit on Sunnen SV10, SV20, CK21, CV616 and Rottler Cylinder Honing Machines.

Product Description

GHSS-1950 Hone Head with CBN or Diamond Abrasives

Hone bore diameter range from 50.04mm ~ 63.75mm (1.97~2.58 inch)


GHSS Series Honing Head were developed for use in Sunnen or other brand Vertical Honing Machines. GHSS-1950 hone head consist three sets of six spring loaded stoneholders, which utilize Diamond or CBN abrasives.

Used on Sunnen SV-400, SV-10, SV-20, SV-30,CK21, CV-616 Vertial Honing Machines

BOSON Abrasives specializes in supply diamond and CBN honing stoness, honing head, honing tools for various application. We provide both standard honing tools and customized special honing tools.



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